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Moonlight Sonata, oil on canvas
Christiane Meister

Paintings & More

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RavenHawk Hill Farm & Studio

Christiane's canvas or wood panel paintings are done in oils. She focuses on animal portraiture and has received many commissions over the 30 years she has been painting. At Christmas time, her glass ornament portraits done in acrylic are in great demand. Living in Lovettsville Virginia has inspired Christiane with its beautiful vistas when she comes home from a long day at Bethesda Game Studios, where she has worked as a 3D character artist in the world of computer gaming for twenty years.

Dragonfly, mixed media on canvasDragonfly, mixed media on canvasCustom pet portraits on glass ornamentsCustom pet portraits on glass ornamentsPoured paint pendantsPoured paint pendantsEagles in Flight, oil on canvasEagles in Flight, oil on canvas