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Candlestick with Stars and Sunbursts
Karen Helble

Pewter, Baskets, and Carved Wooden Spoons

Tour Stop 9:
Taylorstown Pottery

Karen has been creating heirloom pewter pieces with her husband for over 40 years, using the traditional methods of hammering, casting and spinning. She will also have a selection of her woven baskets and hand carved wooden spoons and scoops.

Pewter BowlPewter BowlHolly OrnamentHolly OrnamentRooster OrnamentRooster OrnamentDouble-Ended Measuring SpoonDouble-Ended Measuring SpoonPewter PlatterPewter PlatterColorful Flat Round BasketColorful Flat Round BasketDecorative Wood SpoonsDecorative Wood Spoons11" Tree Topper, natural reed11" Tree Topper, natural reedPewter OrnamentPewter OrnamentReed BasketReed BasketHammered Pewter BowlsHammered Pewter BowlsPewter GobletsPewter Goblets