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Ambrosia Maple Bowl
Juan Gil


Tour Stop 6:
Blikken Hut

My goal is to expose nature’s work through woodturning. Woodturning is a fascinating craft that has existed for thousands of years and most recently it became more accessible with the introduction of mechanical lathes that allow a piece of wood to be shaped with chisels and gouges while rotating on its axes at high speeds. I employ century old concepts like the golden mean to create visually pleasing shapes. I enjoy using Virginia woods such as maples, cherries, and walnuts to create unique utility items such as salad bowls, peppermills, ice cream scoops, bottle openers and pens. My inspiration comes from the piece of wood as I look for interesting patterns to expose during the turning process. At the end, I get to finish my work applying oils and waxes that highlight the work of nature.
PeppermillsPeppermillsBronze Oxide PlatterBronze Oxide Platter