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Scott Williamson

Butterfly Bend Studio, 40625 Tankerville Road, Lovettsville, Virginia 20180 (Directions)

Open by appointment only. Email Scott for details.

Plate, ceramicPlate, ceramic

As a passionate technologist for the past 40 years, for Scott Williamson, writing an artist statement seems like a betrayal. He says, "I have resisted the title of artist. My thoughts are binary (1s and 0s). I communicate best with computers. My career has revolved around logic and rules. My favorite saying is, “there is nothing magic about software; it works like you tell it to work.” Now that I'm working with clay I'm encouraged to ‘color’ outside the lines, be creative, and let the clay have a say."

"I prefer to create objects that are used in everyday life. I like to spend time with the objects I build to see that their use will be comfortable and provide the user some pleasure. In software we call it “eating your own dog food.” In other words, using what you build."

Bowl, ceramicBowl, ceramicShino Feldspar Bowl, ceramicShino Feldspar Bowl, ceramicFour Mugs, ceramicFour Mugs, ceramicJug, ceramicJug, ceramic