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Libby Stevens

Tour Stop 5:
The Quonset Hut

"Quarry Solace," pastel by Libby Stevens"Quarry Solace," pastel by Libby Stevens

Libby Stevens is a painter working in oil and soft pastel. Her works reflect local subjects of scenic farms and back country roads in Loudoun county. She is a long time member of the Loudoun Sketch Club, allowing her to paint private farms and vistas.“ I try to capture the essence of a place and look for local subjects with strong lighting that allow me to explore color and light.” She maintains a working art studio in historic Leesburg, Loudoun Street Studios, and lives in Lovettsville.

"Walk Through Tall Grasses," pastel"Walk Through Tall Grasses," pastel"Zinnias Forever," oil on canvas"Zinnias Forever," oil on canvas"Old Waterford Road," pastel"Old Waterford Road," pastel"White Barn at 868," oil on canvas"White Barn at 868," oil on canvas"Barn on Airmont Road," pastel"Barn on Airmont Road," pastel"Overgrown Path," pastel"Overgrown Path," pastel